Donation goal $28,000

So far 200$ reached!

To make Specter(SHHH) come alive we are crowdfunding a total of $28,000 which will go to a private developer to create the coin, blockchain, testnet, mainnet, wallets, and basically everything from start to finish. This acts as a roadmap to explain the purpose of, the intent behind, uses of, and benefits to the Specter coin opposed to other up and coming anonymous cryptos. Instead of using a new method, we combined the industry leading methods to date. Anyone who donates will receive a set amount of Specter once they are created and begin to be released into circulation via developers or exchanges or airdrops. Once the amount of $28,000 is reached, the payment will be transferred to the developer who will begin work to the above specifications.


Donation Competition?

The top 10 donations have a chance to win BIG!

Top donation gets 250K

2nd 100k

3rd 50k

4-10 25k

Will be done off of USD amount not coin amount. We understand it's hard to track but we will post the address of those who sent donations in our discord. 

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Crypto addresses

These are anonymous donations. Please go to our discord if you would like to be known!

BTC: bc1qkyv8frhlxvpa7vcwm82k2y3gcx0sfrleen4qts

LTC: LRbzFs66PgJzxretEQRE8f17iRqo95RAeF

DOGE: DPwWq5D6oKdbmKJWhMaTPynTJLJ6Wsjvsn

ETH: 0x9e161F3241Af6694594B965bA0b7Ea9D68f8a30F


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